Though they are called Goblins in the language of men, in their own tongue they are Kumarein. They are a tribal species often derided by the “civilised society” that seem able to survive and thrive in almost any environment, but are most comfortable underground in the dark recesses of caves.

Biology and Appearance

Standing shorter than the average man, at around 5ft, they have sharp facial features, small and beady eyes, and very greasy skin which gives them an odd shine. Interestingly, they can grow facial hair, but lack hair anywhere else on their body. Vocally they are often very raspy, nasal and coarse, with a thick accent. Their nails are often sharp, and their grip powerful, making them adept climbers, as well as doubling as weapons.


Many Kumarein are still “wild”, but some have successfully integrated into society. They are crafty and cunning, making excellent assassins, thieves and lawyers. Their cities are unimpressive, simple and hidden away, and yet are near-impenetrable fortresses at the same time.


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Common Names


Dythrambia Elek1138 Elek1138