The island of Lagadamia, just off the southwest coast of Dythrambia, and is home to the Lagadam Republic. The island has a terrain almost as varied as the mainland itself – from rolling plains and towering mountains to dense woodland and marshy wetlands.

The Calepan Range runs from North to South along the West coast of the island, separating the Eastern plains from the plateaus of Aduriem and Cevro. The Calepan Range is notoriously difficult to cross, with only four roads traversing the mountains. There are, of course, other paths across, but they are extremely dangerous and not for the faint of heart, as they are often plagued by bandits, hostile Goblin clans and a variety of viscious native fauna. This, combined with the changeable weather in the mountains gives reason enough to stick to the major roads.

The southernmost district, Jaccion, is composed almost entirely of a subtropical wetland that has formed around the Calusa River. The wetlands are commonly known as the Calusennes, and stretch from the coast near Moncort to only a few miles outside of Vignorac. Several islands lie in the marshes, and it is on these islands that cities such as Sassange and Fasion are built and thrive.

The districts of Rassonne and Areav are covered mostly in vast plains, and farmlands that are the backbone of the Republic. Scattered forests dot the plains, and more dense woodlands can be found as one moves closer to the Calepan Range.

Further North, in Innarels and Vovian, the smooth terrain of the South is left behind, and a hilly moorland takes its place. Woodlands continue to surround the mountains, and stretch across the central portion of the moors to the coast near Alicil.


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