Dwarves call themselves Doroken [Literally: Children of Dor], which derives from their belief that they are descended from Dor and his followers. A stout and hardy race, they are fun loving yet aggressive, and are more likely to challenge you to a drinking contest than a dual – although most of their drinking contests eventually devolve into drunken brawls anyway. They hail from the North Lands, with settlements stretching from near the pole to the ice sheets that join the North coasts of Dythrambia and Bylaria.

Biology and Appearance

It is rare that a Dwarf will be over 4 feet in height, and traditionally they grow large beards, but that practice is beginning to fade, especially within Dwarves that live amongst other cultures.


The Dwarven City-States stretch from the North Coast of Dythrambia, across the vast icy wastes of the North Lands, to the North Coast of Bylaria.

Often seen as arrogant, their pride is incredibly important to them, but sometimes gets them in more trouble than intended – they will very rarely back down from a fight. Their society is very family based, and they will often adopt those of other families, even sometimes other races, into their own. As such, Dwarven family trees are incredibly complicated and difficult to map. Culturally they believe that anyone can become Doroken. All Dwarves are Doroken, but not all Doroken are Dwarves.


Dwarves in the World

Dwarves have kept mostly to themselves for much of their long history,

Common Names


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