Dythrambia is the main continent on the planet, encompassing an area roughly the size of of the Continental US. Across the Lagadam Channel to the south-west of the continent lies Lagadamia, and on the East lies the Kerronese Islands. On the other side of the planet lies Bylaria, the other major landmass on the planet.

Most of the continent is united by the Eurudaman Empire.

Dythrambia is a geographically diverse continent. The most northern provinces feature a somewhat arctic climate, akin to Canada or the northern US States. Further south the climate ranges from a comfortable temperate to borderline tropical. The Altupra Desert lies on the south of the continent, in the province of Trondas. The Dunning Hills rise in the West of the continent, separated from the Iothdûn Mountains by rolling plains.

Mountain Ranges
The Iothdûn Mountains, home to the towering Iothûn and fearsome Volgotoi, span the middle of the continent nearly fully from North to South, and the Thorondrim Mountains run East-West near the south coast.


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